Download Doctus24: It will make any pdf on a url conversational.

Are you a lawyer? Do you often struggle with due diligence problems? Doctus24 can help you. How does it work?Doctus24 is a Chrome extension: a context box where you can insert your question and Doctus24 finds the answer in pdfs on the urls of the given company. It can save you a much time and effort.

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Doctus24 Makes Finding Information 5X Smarter


Doctus24 may sometimes give incorrect answers. We do not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the answers.

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  • Tells you data without search.
  • Soon you will be able to connect it to a Google Sheet with Zapier, so you will be able to save:

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Embrace the journey with patience, as we continuously fine-tune Doctus24 and enhance its capabilities. Let’s make progress together and revel in the valuable outcomes you can achieve right now.